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  • Top 10 Best Piano Brands

    Top 10 Best Piano Brands

    Music is the universal language. In 1700, Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the modern piano. Since then, over 2000 different brands had taken over this instrument. Here is a top 10 piano brands list, based on the quality and people recommendation. Greatest Piano Brands Number 10: Bosendorfer Created in Vienna, Austria, the…

  • Types Of Pianos

    Types Of Pianos

    How many different types of pianos are there? There are many piano types, but the two basic ones are: horizontal(grand pianos) and vertical(upright pianos). Horizontal pianos Horizontal pianos are called like that because of the way the strings are arranged in the piano – simply, in a horizontal position. Horizontal pianos can also…

  • Tips On Buying A Piano

    Tips On Buying A Piano

    You need piano tips? If you cannot decide which type of piano to buy, here are some piano tips that may help you. Here are some piano tips: Try out the pianos. It will last a long time. Choose carefully. Longer strings should produce better sound. More expensive pianos mean…

  • Piano Beginners

    Piano Beginners

    If you are piano beginner than this article is exactly for you. Every musical instrument is difficult to master, especially the piano for piano beginners. Learning to play the piano is a hard and time-consuming process for everyone. We all love the music that the piano makes, its beautiful sounds and the relaxation…

  • Most Expensive Piano

    Most Expensive Piano

    What is the most expensive piano? Pianos in general can cost a lot of money. The price vary from hundreds of dollars to couple of million. Yes, it may be hard to believe but the most expensive pianos cost more than a million dollars. I will list the three most expensive…

  • Digital Piano

    Digital Piano

    What is a digital piano? Digital piano is an instrument that most closely resembles the acoustic piano. Digital pianos are much more convenient than the traditional acoustic pianos because: they are lighter and smaller, the sound and feel of the keyboard is very much like on the acoustic piano, it does…

  • Buying A Piano

    Buying A Piano

    How To Choose the Right Piano Brands? The first two things you need to know when buying a piano are: what type of piano you are buying and how much money you are willing to spend. But the most important thing when buying a piano is its brand. The quality and…

  • Best Piano Songs

    Best Piano Songs

    What are the best piano songs? There are many beautiful piano classic songs and these are the top 10 I personally think are the best: Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata Beethoven – Fur Elise Franz Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody no.2 Mozart – Turkish Marsh Chopin – Nocturne Debussy – Clair de…

  • Piano Types And Sizes

    Piano Types And Sizes

    Want to know more about piano types? There are two types of pianos: upright/vertical pianos and grand pianos. Your choice will probably depend on how much space you have in your home (or the place where the piano will be situated), the upright pianos are higher, but take less space than the grand ones….

  • Piano Composers

    Piano Composers

    What are the best piano composers that ever lived? There were many great piano composers throughout history and there are many that are still alive and playing, but what were the best, greatest piano composers of all time? These are (in my opinion) the best five piano composers and their best…