All About Steinway And Sons

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Want to know some interesting facts about Steinway and Sons?

Steinway and Sons
 is one of the most famous piano brands. Founded in 1853 by Henry E. Steinway, makes them one of the oldest piano brands. But there are some myths about this brand that are not exactly true. For example:

  • Steinway and Sons is American Company. Many people think that Steinway and Sons is a company that started manufacturing pianos in Germany, but the truth is they started in the US and later they opened a factory in Germany because the company was started by German immigrants.
  • Steinway pianos are not more refined than other piano brands. Yamaha, new out of the box, is more refined than Steinway because Steinway pianos come to the dealer in the unrefined state and it’s up to the dealer to make some adjustments to them.

But there are some facts that are indeed true.

Like the following facts:

  • They are on the top number 1 selling brand in pianos.
  • For 10 years, they were owned by CBS
  • They produce 3000 new pianos every year worldwide
  • From 1600 produced pianos in the US last year, over 1000 of them where from Steinway and Sons.

What do you think,
is Steinway the best piano brand and if not which piano is?