Best Piano Brands

Best Piano Brands

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What makes a piano brand best? 

There are different opinions on this matter. Some people say it’s the country where it’s made (United States and Germany representing the best ones), others care more about the price (the more expensive – the better quality) but in the end the most important thing is what the costumer prefers.

What are the best piano brands?

Here is a list of the 5 leading/best piano brands in the world:

Steinway and Sons, American product, is the largest leading brand in the world right now, “King of Pianos” as people call it. It is also the most common and preferable choice to performing artists.

steinway and sons piano

Bösendorfer , Austrian product. Their best products are the grand pianos.

bosendorfer piano brand

Yamaha, Japanese product. Has well developed range of pianos.

yamaha piano

Baldwin, American product. Known for its rich sound and dynamic range.

baldwin piano

Mason and Hamlin, American product. Famous for their quality materials and craftsmanship.

mason and hamlin piano brand

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