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In “How Are You”, the singer reminisces with an old friend he has run into. “It’s been a while, I haven’t seen you for at least a year or more, or is it less? I can’t be sure,” the singer says. He then asks, “How are you?” The singer continues to question his friend, asking “Are you still dreaming and making big plans? How are the nights are they still lonely? Are you still struggling the way that I am?” However, the meeting begins to turn sour, with the singer saying, “I know you’re making all the same mistakes”, but then adds, “Still no offence, no more hard feelings left on silly sentiment. No harm was ever felt or ever meant. ” He then realizes that he has to leave, as he’s “gotta thousand little things I better do. Ah, but it was really good to talk to you. Be on my way, I’m bound to see you on the street again someday, and when I do I’ll say How are you?” The reuniting theme of “How Are You” is also apparent in its follow-up single, “Lost and Found”.
“How Are You”, like most Kinks tracks, is sung by Ray Davies. The track also, like many others on Think Visual, makes use of synthesizers.