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Piano Beginners

If you are piano beginner than this article is exactly for you. Every musical instrument is difficult to master, especially the piano for piano beginners.

Learning to play the piano is a hard and time-consuming process for everyone. We all love the music that the piano makes, its beautiful sounds and the relaxation that it brings. For many of us that is the main reason why we want to learn to play the piano. So if you have that wish and you have a piano to play, now is the right moment to start investing some time and master this new skill.

piano beginner playing

Like I said in the beginning, learning to play a piano is very difficult and mastering it is even harder. But if you have already decided to start learning this beautiful instrument, here are five tips/steps that will help you in the process:

  1. In the beginning, you must start by playing some simple chords. If you start with advanced chords from the classical pieces, you will lose motivation and the wish will fade away because it will be very hard to fully reproduce any of the pieces. So, if you start with simple and easy chords that will motivate you, continuing with the more complex chords will become much easier.
  2. Playing you favorite songs can help you a lot and give you a motivation in the beginning. Also, play some easy songs that are meant for beginners. Download some free piano sheets and start mastering a song by song. Challenge yourself with playing songs that are little harder than the previous songs. You can write in your calendar a song for each week, practice it for seven days and hopefully master it.
  3. Playing and practicing the piano every day is a thing you have to do if you want to be a good player. Print a calendar and make goals. For example, you can say that you will practice the piano every day for 30 minutes and when you are done with that, check that day in the calendar. Never miss a day, and in no time you will see how your skills have improved.
  4. If you need help, do not think twice if you need to ask somebody. If you have some friend that plays the piano ask him/her for help. Or if you want, you can spend some money and find professional help from which you can benefit a lot. Professional piano players can show you some techniques on playing the piano and that too can help you a lot.
  5. As a final step, it is important that you never give up. Learning to play the piano is a very hard process, but if you are patient and persistent you will succeed. How much time will you need in order to become a good player, depends on the time you put in practicing that instrument.