Piano Brands

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Piano Types And Sizes

Want to know more about piano types? 

There are two types of pianos:

Your choice will probably depend on how much space you have in your home (or the place where the piano will be situated), the upright pianos are higher, but take less space than the grand ones.

What are the best types of piano?

Some other factor that may help you is the price. Upright pianos are often cheaper than grand pianos, most probably because they have less moving parts (5.000-6.000), than grand pianos which have around 10.000.

These are their sizes:

Uprights (from shortest to tallest):

vertical upright piano

Grands (from shortest to longest):

Grand Concert Piano

But don’t be mistaken. 
Upright pianos are not of less quality than grand pianos
. There are some upright pianos that have more tone quality than some baby grand pianos or even the same quality as the largest grand pianos. If you cannot decide which type of piano to buy, here is a 
guide for buying a piano, that may help you. And if you what to learn more about piano types, you can click here.